Oct 19 - Racist ANTIFA Punches Black Man, School Changes Grading System For Blacks and More

Oct 16 - Twitter Reverses Course After Being Busted, Diddy Launch Black Political Party and More


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Oct 15 - The Reasons Why the SIMPing Population Will Increase



Oct 14 - Gun Charges Dropped For Kyle Rittenhouse, Hunter Biden's Emails RELEASED and More

Oct 12 - Another Conservative Shot & Killed By a Leftist, ANTIFA Gets Beat Down By Da Po Po AGAIN and More

Oct 9 - Pelosi Hopes to Use 25th Amendment, Gretchen Whitmer Was Almost Kidnapped and More


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Oct 08 - Debate With XChris - The Black Community and the Police


Call-In Show

Oct 8 - Today's Topic - Are you happier being Single, Partnered or Married?



Oct 7 - Physician Says Trump Has No Coodies-19 Symptoms, Netflix Criminally Charged Over 'Cuties' and More

Oct 5 - President Trump Leaves Hospital, Libtards Are Mad, Mitch McConnell Brings Good News and More

Oct 2 - Guatemalan Caravan Heading to US, Trump Has Da Rona, Throws Proud Boys Under Bus and More

Sept 30 - President Trump Vs Joe Biden Debate Review, Libtards & Commies Are Furious and More

Sept 25 - Pelosi Still Wants Biden To Drop Debate, Census Cowboy Dindu Nuffin, Pimp Hired in Seattle and More

Sept 23 - IGNORE HER NAME! Breaking Down Trap Queen Breonna Taylor's Case and More


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September 22 - Reacting to Evil Women - The Adina Rivers Saga pt 2



Sept 21 - Trump Will Announce Supreme Court Nominee This Weekend, BLM Take Huge L's and More

Sept 18 - TikTok Ban, Trump Signs Executive Order for Patriotic Curriculum, Kim Klacik vs Joy Behar & RIP RBG

Sept 16 - Biden Piss Off Black Folks Again For The 3rd Time, Cardi B Files For Divorce and More


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September 16 - Reacting to Evil Women - The Adina Rivers Saga



Sept 14 - The Republcan Party is Being Filled With Rachet Hoodrats and Here's Why It's Bad


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September 13 - Critiquing Aba and Preach Video Aboutt Their Support For Cuties



Sept 11 - America Honors 9/11, Biden Always Need a Teleprompter, Netflix Still Supports "Cutie" and More

Sept 9 - LAPD Dont Play With Rioters, Black Teens Help Cop, Black Women Create Black EthnoState and More

Sept 4 - BLM Mailman Fired For Tampering With Mail, ANTIFA Set Himself On Fire, NFAC Gets Laughed At AGAIN and More


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September 7 - Reacting To "She Cheated, I Kicked Her Out, Was I Wrong To Do That?"

September 6 - Reacting To Evil Women Live Stream



Sept 4 - Joe Biden Caught Lying, ANTIFA Murderer Shot Dead, California Pass Pro-Pedo Bill and More

Sept 2 - Pregnant Assuie Woman Arrested For FB Post, Trump Visits Kenosha, Kyle Speaks From Jail and More

Aug 31 - Trump Winning In Blue Minnesota, Beloved Patriot Killed by ANTIFA Member and More

Aug 28 - Kyle Rittenhouse Is STILL a Hero- Joe Biden Forgets His lines, Democrat Riots and More

Aug 26 - Kyle Rittenhouse Is a Hero, Feds Go To Kenosha, King Face Last Con Game and More

Aug 24 - Wisconsin Shooting, Joe Biden Still Hiding, Riots and More


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August 23 - Stop Comparing Cardi B to Miley Cyrus and Madonna! THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!

August 21 - Exposing Tiffany Haddish's Mental Illness, Why She's in Denial and Debunking Her Black Victim Claim



Aug 19 - DeBlasio Regrets Decision, AOC Turns On Democrats, Gov. Abbott Betrays Texans and More

Aug 17 - Chicago Riots and The Poo Poo Had Enough. Viewer Submission and Low Energy News Stream

Aug 14 - Say His Name - Cannon Hinnant! Deblasio Cancels 9/11 Tribute, BLM Is Hated Now More Than Ever & More

Aug 12 - Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's VP! Trump 2020 Landslide 😆 Blue States Turning Red and More

Aug 10 - Chicago Hood Rats Riot Over Another Lie, 100s Arrested, Mayor Loses Cool, Portland Commies and More

Aug 7 - Joe Biden Piss Black Folks Off Again, ANTIFA Gets Beat Down,TeeSprings Rejects Wokeness and More

Aug 5 - FBI Raiding Jake Paul's House Right Now, Joe Biden Piss Off Black People AGAIN and More

Aug 3 - Obama Rejects AOC For Endorsement, TikTok Deadline Is Sept 15, RBG Sicker Than We Thought and More

July 31 - Jim Jordan Goes HAM on Dr. Fauci, MOMs of ANTIFA Exposed as Racist, Only Slaves Take a Knee and More

July 29 - Tommy Robinson Flees Britain, WHOOPS! Feds Not Leaving Oregon 🤣, Biden Forgets It's 2020 and More

July 27 - Doctor Dispels C-10 Fears, Blacks Regret Defund Police, ANTIFA Terrorism Report and More

July 22 - Biden Wants Islam Taught In Schools, Kanye Wants A Divorce/Goes Crazy Again, And More

July 20 - China Is Nazi Germany 2.0, Black Woman Paints Over BLM Street, Assassin Comes For Judge and More

July 17 - Ruth Ginsburg Has Cancer AGAIN, Kanye West Is Back In The 2020 Race, Kemp FTW, and More

July 15 - Ruth Ginsburg Hospitalized AGAIN, Kanye West Is Out of the 2020 Race, Nick Cannon Drama, and More

July 13 - Washington Redkins BEND THE KNEE! Poland Stays Great, Another Hate Crime Hoax and More

July 6 - Atlanta Proves That BLM is a Lie, Huge Win in Supreme Court For Rep, Amy Cooper Charged and More

July 3 - Ghislaine Maxwell Is On Hillary's Suicide List, Abbott Betrays Texans But Florida RISE UP and More

July 1 - White Male BLM Member Charged, CHAZ/CHOP Finally Destroyed By Mayor, Hello Karma and More

June 29 - Trump Signs Two Excutive Orders, Trump's Account Suspended On Twitter and More

June 26 - Another Half Breed With Another Fake Hate Crime, 2nd Wave of Fake Rona Coming Back and More

June 24 - "Black Lies Matter" to Bubba Wallace, Dems Kill Police Reform Bill, 3rd Shooting At CHAZ/CHOP & more


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June 26 - Speaking My Peace: Dear Black Men, I'm Sorry We Are Hurting You



June 24 - "Black Lies Matter" to Bubba Wallace, Dems Kill Police Reform Bill, 3rd Shooting At CHAZ/CHOP & more

June 22 - Third Dindu Shot At CHAZ/CHOP, China Still Eating Dogs, Trump Finally Suspend Work Visas and More

June 19 - The Blue Flu Hits Atlanta PD, Trump Will Re-Cancel DACA, Kayleigh & Jim Acosta Go At It and More

June 17 - Commie CHAZ,/CHOP Gets Concrete Walls, Dr Fauci Is Hitler on the DL, Aunt Jeimama Cancelled and More

June 15 - Update On Commie CHAZ, Trump Raises $14 Million For His Campaign, America is Being DDos and More


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June 13 - Epic Fights and Police Arrest pt 48

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