Nov 30 - New Chinese Pneumonia Bug Coming, 94-Year-Old Veteran Evicted for Migrants and More

Nov 27 - Riots in Dublin Ireland, Melania Trump and DeSantis Come to Georgia, and More

Nov 21 - Arab Countries Refuse to take Gazanian Refugees, Joe Biden Turns 81 and More

Nov 16 - Charges Against Joe Biden Dropped, NYC Mayor Adams Cuts State Budgets and More

Nov 13 - Illegal Aliens Flee Sanctuary Cities for Their Native Countries, LA Freeway Fire and More

Nov 10 - Poland Builds "Diverse" AI Robot, Grandpa FAFO Put Down Protesters and More

Nov 6 - Zelensky Gets Desperate, The Nashville Mass Shooter Manifesto Leaked and More

Nov 2 - Pakistan Deports 1.7 Million Illegals, New York Has a Venezuelan Prostitution Problem and More



Oct 31 - German-Israeli Citizen Confirm Dead, Satanic Temple Loses Lawsuit and More

Oct 26 - Germany Starts Mass Deportations, Mass Shooter In Maine Still On The Run and More

Oct 23 - China Deploys Six Warships to Middle East, 9 GOP Enter the House Speaker Race and More

Oct 19 - Germany Now Builds Borders, Jim Jordan Still Not Speaker and More

Oct 12 - Americans Killed in Hamas Attacks, Scalise Drops Out of Speaker Race and More

Oct 9 - Israel Goes To War With Jordians, 11 Americans dead,Slovakia Stops Funding Ukraine and More

Oct 5 - Biden Started Building The Wall Again, McCarthy Is Out As Speakers FOR GOOD and More

Oct 2 - Jamaal Bowman Pulls Fire Alarm, Matt Gaetz Moves to Oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy and More



Sept 28 - California Gov. Newsom Raises Minimum Wage to $20, Republicans Hold Hearing and More

Sept 25 - Canada Celebrates a Nazi, Miss Universe Zimbabwe Is White, LeBron's Thugs Innocent and More

Sept 21 - Poland Ditch Ukraine, Zelensky Comes To America Begging For Money and More

Sept 14 - Hunter Biden Indicted On Gun Charges,Trump Suffers From DDS and More

Sept 11 - New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham Suspend Conceal Cary, Novak Djokovic WINS and More

Sept 7 - Mayor Adams Admits Defeat, Instant Karma for Minnesota Liberal Politician and More

Sept 4 - Israel Deporting Rioting Africans,Heavy Floods Shut Down Burning Man and More

Aug 31 - Tucker Interviews Victor Orban, Chicago Residence Had Enough of the Immigrants and More

Aug 24 - Reviewing the GOP Debate Highlights,Donald Trump Finally Use His Twitter and More

Aug 22 - COVID Mandates Are Coming Back,Tropical Storm Hilary Causes Massive Flooding and More

Aug 17 - Biden StartsYelling Again, Oprah's Plan for Maui is Revealed, Snow White Movie DOA and More

Aug 14 - Hawaii Is Burning While Biden is On Vakay, Trump Indicted in Atl and More

Aug 11 - Trump Won't Sign RNC Pledge, Pedo Female Teacher Gets 600 Years and More

Aug 7 - Bidenomics Gas Price Hike Again, Judge Dismisses Trump’s Defamation Case and More

Aug 3 - Trump Charged in Atlanta, Budlight Admit Defeat, 7-Elevan Beatdown and More



July 31 - Illegal Migrants Terrorize Chicago Residence, Haitians Kidnap US Nurse and More

July 27 - Ukraine Land Locked by Russia, Obama's Chief Death Mystery and More

July 24 - Black Paddle Boarder Found Dead At Obama's Pond, FAMU Cancels all Games and More

July 20 - King Port of Odessa Bombed, Cops Destroy White House Cocaine and More

July 14 - Biden Sends US Troups to Ukraine, Chicago's Reform The Police and More

July 10 - King Charles Gets Frustrated With Biden, Legal Win For Tennesse and More

July 6 - Cocaine Found In The White House, Unilever Lost 2B after Boycott and More

July 3 - France Burning Again, Actress Succumbs to Assisted Suicide and More

June 29 - No More Affirmative Actions, Dylan Mulvaney Regrets Collab and More

June 26 - DeSantis Goes To The Border, Fox Expose Hunter Biden and More

June 23 - China Building a Millitary Base in Cuba, House Censures Adam Schiff and More

June 20 - China Warns The US, 22 Killed on Juneteenth and More

June 15 - Illegal Costing Billions in Unpaid Medical Bills, Boebert Files Impeachment Against Joe Biden and More

June 12 - Biden Gets Unexpected Root Canal, J6ers Sends Warning and More

June 08 - Trump Indicted On Federal Charges, Syrian Terrorist in France and More

June 05 - Alex Jones Goes To the Border, Judge Overturns Teen Drag Ban and More

June 01 - GOP House Cuck On The Debt Ceiling, Trump Goes Crazy On DeSantis and More



May 29 - Russia Issues Arrest Warrant For Lindsey Graham, NY Illegals Housed in Jail and More

May 25 - Tina Turner Farwell Video, Dindus For Trump Call DeSantis Racist and More

May 22 - Hunter Pretends To Be Broke, Illegal Immigrant Throws Baby Away and More

May 18 - Illegal Immigrants Housed In 4 Star Hotels, 20K Cows Killed and More

May 15 - New York Invaded by Immigrants, Adams Panicking and More

May 11 - Title 42 Ends and Biden Opens The Border, Blacks NOW Want the Wall and More

May 08 - Title 42 Expiring In 2 Days, Texas Mall Shooter is a Hispanic Neo-Nazi? and More

May 05 - Ukraine Drone Attack Putin's Palace, Midtown Atlanta gunman Caught and More

May 02 - Mexican Mass Killer Still On The Loose, DPS Video and Bettle Juice Mad and More

April 27 - Leaked Video Clip of Steven Crowder Verbal Fight With His Wife

April 20 - Trump Reveals Who Blew Up Nordstream, Texas Dairy Farm Explosion and More

April 13 - Trump Reveals Who Blew Up Nordstream, Texas Dairy Farm Explosion and More

April 10 - White Male Democrat Mass Shooter with Pronouns Kills in Louisville, KY

April 7 - Three Tennessee Dems EXPELLED FROM LEGISLATURE RIP Chicago and More

April 4 - Saudis Cut Oil Production,Trump Leaves For NY Arraignment and More


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