Nov 10 - #010 - Kyle's Trial Update, Travis Scott Trying to Cover His Ass and More- Video Version

Nov 4 - #009 - Post Red Wave Coverage, LET'S GO BRANDON and More - Video Version

Oct 21 - #008 - Covering The Netflix Walkout, Brian Laundrie Found and More - Video Version

Oct 13 - #007 - Huge Update Between Pilots and Airlines, Lizzo Shames Herself and More - Video Version

Oct 6 - #006 - Why The Political Left Suffers From Rich Guilt By Pretending To Be Poor - Video Version



Nov 25 - Dr Hitler Has New Covid Rules For Thanks Giving, White Libtard Pampers Darrell Brooks Jr and More

Nov 22 - Black Supremacist Terrorist Attack, Dr Hitler Has New Jab Rules and More

Nov 21 - Waukesha Terrorist Caught - Here's The Full Break Down Of Who He Is And What Happened

Nov 15 - Youtube Shuts Down Independent News Streamers,Fauci Admits Vaccine Doesn't work and More

Nov 11 - Haitians Can Now Work Under Visa, 10 Vaccines for Kids Under Gavin Newsom, Don Lemon Drama and More

Nov 8 - Poland Under Invastion, Gavin Newsom Sick After Getting Booster, Side Effects Causing Hospitals To Fill and More

Nov 4 - They Are Now Coming For Your Kids, Rand Paul Confronts Fauci, Biden Use OSHA and More

Nov 2 - The UK Makes Trolling Illegal, China Locks Down Disney, Joe Manchin Is GOAT and More

Oct 28 - Trans Teen Found Guilty of Rape, Pfizer Admit to Experimenting On Your Kids, and More

Oct 25 - Based Putin Red Pills World, Fauci Abuses Dogs & Monkeys, Hide Your Kids and More

Oct 21 - Rand Paul Proven Right About Fauci, OSHA Hides Side Effects of the Jab and More

Oct 18 - RIP Colin Powel 2x Vaxxed, Jacob Blake Loses Civil Case, Greta Rick Rolls Us and More

Oct 14 - Parents Continue To Fight Commie School Board, Watching The Skit That Go Crowder Suspended and More

Oct 11 - Pilots Are Protesting Covid Mandates, Pennsylvania Did Something Terrible and More

Oct 7 - Trump Wants Back On Social Media BADLY, All Things Covid, Josh Hawley Goes HAM and More

Oct 4 - Lt. Col. Scheller Rejects Trump Support, Guess Who's Really Dying From COVID, Fauci Lies Again and More

Sept 30 - More Than 60K Haitians Coming To Our Border, Fully Vaccinated Marc Lamont Hill Has Heart Attack and More

Sept 27 - Biden Wants 98% People Vaccinated, NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Pretends To Be Jesus, Going Over The FBI Crime Stats and More

Sept 26 - White People Need To Stop Submitting To Black Racist - The Arizona State University Incident - Bonus Show

Sept 24 - News Quick - Big Trouble For Chris Cuomo, Joe Biden Owes $500K In Taxes and Lots More

Sept 23 - Afghan Refugees Are Raping Now, Haitians Are Escaping Into The US and More

Sept 20 - Haitians Invade Our Border, New Study Shows The Vax HarmS Pregnant Women and More

Sept 16 - Biden Embarrasses US Again, NBA Exempt From The Jab, Child Bribes From Afghanistan and More

Sept 13 - England Stops Lockdowns, Congress and USPS Exempt From Vax, They Are Coming For Your Kids and More

Sept 09 - Biden Mandate Vaccines For All Fed Workers, Rand Paul Coming For Fauci, Covid Drama and More

Sept 06 - Israel Has 4th Jab, Pfizer's Covid Pills Coming in 2022, Fauci Has New Lies and More

Sept 02 - A MU Variant Is Here, SCOTUS Surprise Republicans, Texas Wins Bigly and More

Aug 30 - US End Longest War, Leave US Citizens Behind, Joe Biden Calls Black Dem "Boy" and More

Aug 26 - 12 US Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan, Biden Cucks To The Taliban, FDA Covid Info and More

Aug 23 - FDA Approves The Covid 19 Vaccine, Alex Jones Calls Out Trump and More

Aug 22 - I Was Suspended For 7 Days For Doing This - FREE

Aug 19 - False Flag DC Bomber, Women Killed In Afghanistan, Biden Embarrasses Himself AGAIN and More

Aug 16 - Breaking Down The Take Over of Afghanistan By The Taliban

Aug 12 - Dan Crenshaw Exposed AGAIN, GoFundMe Allows Money Back For Fake Mom, White Population Down and More

Aug 09 - CNN Push Fake Black Mom Sob Story, Covid Passports Coming and More

Aug 5 - Moderna Insist On 3rd Vaccine, Biden Smells Another Little Girl, Cuomo To Be Impeached and More

Aug 2 - More Changes To Covid Restrictions, Lindsey Graham Catches Covid, Woke Olympics Fail and More

July 29 - Biden Sends Cuban Migrants Back But Fly African Migrants To America For Free, DemonRATS Go Full Facist and More

July 26 - UK is now using China-Style Credit Score, Texas Dems Begging For Care Packages, Blue Cities Are Death Zones and More

July 22 - Rand Paul Goes After Fauci, Texas Democrats Are Not Getting Arrested, More People Dying From the Vaccine and More

July 19 - Vaccinated People Still Catching Covid, Judge Declares DACA Illegal, Brian Stelter Gets Clown and More

July 18 - The Treehouse Debates Conservatives VS Liberals (July 18, 2021)

July 15 - The Biden Administration Turns Thier Back on Cuba, So Does BLM, Thug Politician Gets Exposed and More

July 12 - Fauci Flip Flops In Real Time, Jim Acosta Still In Love With Trump, Texas Democrat Flee From Texas and More

July 8 - Biden Flirts With a Female Child AGAIN, Covid Vaccines Killing More Americans, Rapper Juvenile Sells Out To The Vax God and More

July 6 - Another Teen Dies From Vaccine, Supreme Court Let's Christians Down, CNN Lose More Viewers and More

June 28 - Biden Bombs Syria Again, Texas New Gun Control Law, Woman Goes Ballistic on Spa over Trans and More

June 24 - Condos in Miami Collaspe, Former NYC Cop In Lead To Be Next Mayor, DeSantis Requires Students To Learn Communisim and More

June 21 - Gov. Abbott Comes Through For Texas, Chicago Puerto Rican Couple Gunned Down, DeSantis is GOAT and More!

June 17 - Sasha Johnson Shot On Purpose, Ugly George Floyd Gets Bronze Statue, Cops Let Blue Cities Suffer and More

June 14 - Watching the Judge Joe Brown FINALLY Talks With Alex Jones Video and More

June 11 - Free Weed For Getting The Jab, Florida Bans CRT, Oregeon Forced To Deal With Homeless and More

June 7 - Canada NOW Celebrating LGBT Season, Kamala Harris Goes 180 on Illegal Immigrants, Huge Supreme Court Win and More

June 3 - Obama Reminds Us That He's Still In Charge, WV Offers Residents Guns For The Jab, Fauci is Exposed and More

May 31 - China Allows Citizens To Have 3 Kids, Texas Dems Stops Texas Voting Bill, 14 Stabs Girl 114 Times and More

May 30 - PEDO Joe Biden Still Creeping Over Little Girls, Kamala Disrespect Our Veterans, GOP Pulls a Win and More

May 27 - New Study DEBUNKS Mask Mandates, DeSantis Sets The Record Straight, The Hamas Caucus and More

May 25 - Biden Allows 100K Haitian Immigrants Into The US, The National Guard Are Finally Free and More

May 20 - Kroger and Other Release Mask Mandates, Rand Paul Clowns Fauci, Tennesse is Based and More

May 18 - BLM Cofounder Patrisse Cullors SAID WHAT? Biden Shut Down Again and More

May 13 - Colonial Pipeline Drama To End Soon? Gas $6.99 in VA, Liz Cheney Gets PWNED and More

May 10 - Jenner Proves Why GOP Should Stop Playing ID Politics, SheHulk Abrams Running For Prez and More

May 6 - Olympics Ban BLM Everything, South Carolina Add Firing Squad To Death Penalty and More

May 3 - Biden Signed 94th Executive Order Acting Like Our King, The CIA Goes Woke and More

April 29 - Tim Scott Gets Racially Harassed By The Left, Biden Boring Congressional Speech and More


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