May 29 - Russia Issues Arrest Warrant For Lindsey Graham, NY Illegals Housed in Jail and More

May 25 - Tina Turner Farwell Video, Dindus For Trump Call DeSantis Racist and More

May 22 - Hunter Pretends To Be Broke, Illegal Immigrant Throws Baby Away and More

May 18 - Illegal Immigrants Housed In 4 Star Hotels, 20K Cows Killed and More

May 15 - New York Invaded by Immigrants, Adams Panicking and More

May 11 - Title 42 Ends and Biden Opens The Border, Blacks NOW Want the Wall and More

May 08 - Title 42 Expiring In 2 Days, Texas Mall Shooter is a Hispanic Neo-Nazi? and More

May 05 - Ukraine Drone Attack Putin's Palace, Midtown Atlanta gunman Caught and More

May 02 - Mexican Mass Killer Still On The Loose, DPS Video and Bettle Juice Mad and More

April 27 - Leaked Video Clip of Steven Crowder Verbal Fight With His Wife

April 20 - Trump Reveals Who Blew Up Nordstream, Texas Dairy Farm Explosion and More

April 13 - Trump Reveals Who Blew Up Nordstream, Texas Dairy Farm Explosion and More

April 10 - White Male Democrat Mass Shooter with Pronouns Kills in Louisville, KY

April 7 - Three Tennessee Dems EXPELLED FROM LEGISLATURE RIP Chicago and More

April 4 - Saudis Cut Oil Production,Trump Leaves For NY Arraignment and More



March 30 - The Treehouse News - New York Grand Jury Indicts Donald Trump

March 27 - Tennessee Trans Mass Shooter Update, Americans Kidnapped in Haiti and More

March 23 - Uganda Passed Bill Criminalizing Homosexuality, Polio Back in London and More

March 20 - DeSantis Breaks Silence,Simon Ateba Is Removed and More

March 16 - Macron Goes Dictator Mode, NeoCons Agry With DeSantis and More

March 13 - Biden Gives Silicon Banks a Bailout, Zelensky Finally Admitting Defeat and More

March 9 - Academy Awards Rejects Zelenksy, 2 Black Americans Killed In Mexico and More

March 6 - Jan 6 Video Leak on Tucker's Show, France Shuts Down, 35 ANTIFA Arrestd in Atlanta and More

February 27 - England Prisons Bans Prison Trannies, Fetterman Hospital Update and More

February 23 - Pete Booty Gets Confronted, Biden Buy Putin Aviators, Tenn Pass Based Bill and More

February 20 - Biden Visits Ukraine, Fetterman In Loony Bin For a Month and More

February 16 - Another Train derailed, John Fetterman Hospitalized for Depressionand More

February 13 - Foreign Balloon False Flag, Two More Train Derailments and More

February 9 - Project Veritas Removes James O'Keefe, MTG Heckles Biden and More

February 6 - China Salty About Burst Balloon, Christians Protest Mall and More



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February 2 - Mz Lindsey Campaigns For Trump and WW3, Eliza Bleu Promotes Grooming and More

January 30 - Eliza Bleu Is Still Lying, NATO Ready To Start WW3 and More

January 23 - Watching Steven Crowder's Interview On The Timcuck (Timcast) Show and More

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January 19 - New Zealand's PM Resigned, ANTIFA FOFA In Cop City, Racist Sheila Jackson and More

January 16 - Biden Flirts With Girl In Black Church, Huge Amount Of Died Suddenly and More



January 12 - Biden Has Classified Papers In Garage, Joy Reid Gets Checked by Byron, and More

January 9 - The FED OP In Brazil, The House Update, RIP Diamond and More

January 3 - Joe Biden Gaffs Again, Kevin McCarthy Lose Speaker Vote Again and More

January 2 - Hungary Is Great Again, GOP Votes on McCarty Tomorrow and More



December 29 - Andrew Tate Gets Arrested, Biden Releases Illegal Criminals and More

December 26 - North Korea is Fighting With South Korea, Illegals Dumped Again and More

December 23 - Senate Approves Massive Omnibus Bill, Zelensky Leaves America and More

December 19 - FIFA Gives Zelensky The Boots, J6 Committee Sends Fake Charges For Trump and More

December 15 - Trump Makes Big Annoucement, Sells NFT FOR $99, BlazeTV Dumps Crwoder and More

December 12 - Russia and OPEC Future Take Down of Western Countries, Courts Stop Biden and More

December 8 - Trouble in Bakhmut, DeSantis Come Through AGAIN, 14 Years for Avanatti Iand More


Special Members Video

December 8 - Gavin McInnes Interviews KrazYe and NIck Reaction



December 5 - Trouble in Bakhmut, DeSantis Come Through AGAIN, 14 Years for Avanatti Iand More


Tree's Watch Party

December 1 - Kanye West INFOWARS Appearance



November 28 - Kanye Walks Out of Timcast with Nick and Milo FULL REACTION and More

November 21 - Ukranazis Commit War Crimes, Illhan Omar Gets Triggered, Huge Unbanning on Twitter and More

November 17 - Bye Bye Nancy, Zelensky Still Lying About Rockets, FTX Corruptions and More

November 14 - Biden Meets Xi, Trump vs DeSantis Fued, My Prediction Comes True and More

November 11 - Day 3 Election's Results Update and More

November 7 - Day Before Election Preview, Trump Endorses DeSantis, Red Wave Coming and More

November 3 - Ukraine Gets ReBOMBED, Biden Sending Mo Money, Full Paul Pelosi/David DePape Breakdown and More



October 31 -Ukraine Gets ReBOMBED, Biden Sending Mo Money, Full Paul Pelosi/David DePape Breakdown and More

October 27 -Kanye Has Gone Billionaire to Millionaire, JoeBiden Lying Again, Elon Takes Over Twitter and More

October 24 - Joe Biden's Mind Declining Fast, EU Countries Under Heavy Protest and More

October 20 - Liz Truss Is Out as UK PM, AOC Heckled By Crowd and More

October 17 - Ukraine Gets Kamakazi Treatment From Russia, Kanye Buys Glowing Parler and More

October 13 - Lights Out In Ukraine, Biden Lied About His Dead Son, Saudi Gives US Some Payback and More

October 10 - Russia FINALLY Hands Ukraine Some Big Ls, Big Blue Cites Ditch FBI Stats and More

October 7 - Huge Ls For Biden and DACA, OPEC+ Joins Russia Against The Us and More and More

October 3 - Censorship On Steroids Now, Will Smith Plays a Slave in Movie and More

September 30 - Russia Got Bigger, NATO Denies Zelensky, Florida Needs Help and More

September 26 - Edward Snowden Is Russian Now, Biden Is In PEDO Mode Again and More

September 23 - Ukraine Bans Amnesty International, Tucker Carlon Exposes Biden, Lib Kills Conservative and More

September 19 - Venezuela Sending Their Criminals To The US, Biden's 60 Minute Interview and More

September 15 - Kalmala Harris is Big Mad, Democrats Show Their Hatred For Immigrants and More

September 12 - Biden Giving Zelenksy MORE MONEY! Trump Vindicated, Killing In Alabama and More


Treehouse Exclusive

Sept 9 - My Son Hunter



September 08 - Switzerland Goes Police State over Heating, The Queen of England Dies and More

September 05 - Biden Makes a Fool Of Himselve AGAIN, GermanyTurning Into 2nd World and More

September 01 - Biden Gives Dividing Speech In Hell, Tucker Goes Off, Project Veritas New "W" and More



August 29 - Russia Swimming In Cash, 5 Million Illegals Invaded America and More

August 22 - Who's To Blame? Canada Makes Killing Law, Monkey Pox Side Effects, and More

August 18 - Finland’s Prime Minister on Druga? Illegals Get 5 Star Hotel Rooms and More

August 15 - The Taliban Celebrates Joe Biden Failure, Mother Killed At Son's Grave and More

August 8 - Project Veritas Win, AG Lies About the FBI, Flour Mill Burns Down and More

August 8 - *BREAKING* The FBI Raids Trumps Mar-A-Largo Home in Florida and More

August 4 - Taliban Said Biden Is Lying, China Flexing Again, Ron DeSantis Makes HUGE Move and More

August 1 - Biden Orders Kill of Al Qaeda Leader, John Stewart fights Jack Prozac and More



July 28 - Mexicans Want Americans Out, Biden Admin Gaslighting Us About Being In a Recession and More

July 25 -Canadia Paster Huge Win, Biden Giving Illegals Gov ID, Bishop Gets Robbed and More

July 21 -Poopy Pants Biden Has Covid, DOJ Investigates Hunter, Stephan King Praises a Nazi and More

July 18 -China Laughs at Biden, DC Mayor Bowser Wants Bussing of Mingrants To DC To Stop and More

July 14 -The EURO Falls Below The Dollar, New York SCOTUS Gives a W, Another Plandemic Coming and More

July 11 - Bill Gates' Fake Meat Plant Burns in Huge Fire, Hunter Biden Leaks Are Out and More

July 7 - Boris Johnson Resigns, Biden Builds Wall In CA, Italians Join The Dutch Farmer's Protest and More

June 30 - US Army Drops High School Diploma Requirement Vid Released, SCOTUS Stop The Green New Deal and More

June 27 - Brittney Griner To Serve 10 Years, Another Two Wins From SCOTUS, Hunter Vid Released

June 23 - Huge Win For New York From SCOTUS, Stacy Abrams Takes "L" From Supporters and More

June 20 - Going RINO Hunting, Biden Wants To Give Out Gas Rebate Cards and More

June 16 - Another Win From SCOTUS, Obama Propane Gas Hypocrisy, Monkey Pox New Name is MPVX and More

June 13 - Biden Denies then Agrees To Visit Saudi, Dems and GOP Agree To Gun Control in the Senante and More

June 9 - Biden Falls Up The Stairs AGAIN, Libtards Still Harrasing Kavanaugh at His Home and More

June 6 - 12,000 Illegals Coming To The US Border, Gas Prces Double Since Biden, Democrats Scared and More

Tree's Watch Party

June 3 - What Is A Woman



June 2 - Biden Accept 44K Ukrainian Nazi Loving Refugees, The Marines Go Woke and More

May 30 - TBiden Said 9mm is High Caliber, California Gas Reach $8, 10 Year Old Gets Mug Shot and More

May 26 - Telling More Lies, Texas Shooter Is Trans, Mother Is a Meth Addic with No Father and More

May 23 - Biden's Defense of Taiwan PIsses China Off, $90 Mil For Refugee in the US and More

May 19 - Half of Biden's Twitter Followers Are Bots, Bush Jr Huge Freudian Slip, Russia Still Winning and More


The Tree Show

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May 16 - Azov Nazis Surrender to Russian, China Is Preparing to Invade, US Troops Back In Somalia and More

May 12 - Russia Still Winning, Trump Appointed Judge Protect The Border, Joe Manchin is GOAT and More

May 9 - Poland Sink To a New Low, Libtards Harass SCOTUS, Satanic Ritual By Libtard Women and More

May 5 - Biden Calls MAGA An Extremist Group, Babushka Z Kidnapped by Nazis and More

May 2 - SCOTUS Overturn Roe V Wade, US Training Ukrainian Nazis, Jen Suki Suki Lying and More

April 28 - Joe Biden Ask Congress for 33 Billion Dollars, Fauci Retracts End of Pandemic, Elon Twitter News and More

April 25 - Elon Buys Twitter, Trump Clowns Biden, Veganism Waning While Meat Eating Growing and More

April 21 - CNN Plus Is Shutting Down! Piers Morgan Edited Trump Fake Walk Out and More

April 18 - Easter Bunny Stops Biden Talking, Biden Embarrasses America Again, Sweden Gets Islamic Diversity and More

April 14 - America Just Set Taiwan Up to be Invaded By China Sooner Than Later, Biden Hits All Time Low Ratings and More

April 11 - China Making More Nukes to Aim at US, Psaki Blames Putin for Biden's Mistake and More

April 7 - US Increases Imports of Russian Oil by 43%, K Jackson Has Been Confirmed to SCOTUS and Abbott Fakes It!

April 4 - Nazis Are Bad, Putin is Based and the Azov Battalion is Killing Ukrainian People

March 31 - Putin Goes Hard Giving Out Ls To The EU, Biden Destroying America and More

March 28 - Biden Makes a Fool Of Himself In Europe, Will Smith Apologies To Chris Rock and More

March 24 - Putin Begins Operations "Shit List", Biden Warns of Food Shortage and More

March 17 - Biden Still Buying Russian Oil, Chris Cuomo & Don Lemon Break Up and More

March 14 - Russia is Winning, MSM is Still lying, Blacks Arrested for Hate Crime and More

March 10 - Juicy Clowns Him At Sentence Hearing, US Biolabs Caught in Ukraine and More

March 7 - Biden Begs For Oil, Zelensky Begs For Help, Russia Still Winning and More

February 28 - The Power Move Is On Between China and North Korea, Putin Is Based AF and More

February 24 - Russia Invades Ukraine While China Threatens Taiwan, Immigrants Hit 46.8 Million and More



Feb 24 - #022 The Tree Show | Another Win for the GOP, Toddler Shoots At Police, Protest Updates and More - Video Version



February 21 - Russia Claims East Ukraine as Independent, Trudeau Keeps Emergency Act In Place and More

February 17 - Canadian Bank Freeze Donos Bank Account, BLM Shooter Released from Jail and More

February 14 - Russia Closer To War?, GiveSendGo Gets Hacked, Asian Hate Attacks and More

February 10 - Canadian Bank Tried To Seize GIVESENDGO Truck Convoy Money, Biden Gives Blacks Crack Pipes and More

February 7 - Canadian Truck Convoy Gets Gas Taken, Odysee Trolls Joe Rogan, GoFundMe Under Investigations and More



February 5 - The Chat Will Be Done Temporarily For Maintenance (FIXED)



February 3 - Canadian Truck Convoy Still Strong, Putin Cuts Off Gas Pipeline, Another Pedo Professor Exposed and More

Jan 31 - Canadian Truck Convoy Takes Over, NY Gets Very Bad News, Huge Covid Death News and More


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Jan 29 - Epic Fights and Police Arrest pt 09

Ghetto Bingo Winners - No Winner



Jan 27 - Biden Set to Pick 1st Black Female SCOTUS, Trump Annouce Presidential run AGAIN and More

Jan 24 - Russia Going To War With Ukraine? Biden Gets Called Out by CNN and More


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January 24 - The Broken Pill Exposed


Jan 22 - The Entire Video Log To Epic Fights and Police Arrest Series Has Been Updated (except for pt 9)

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Jan 20 - The UK Ends All COVID Restriction, Matt Walsh Destroys Pronoun Clowns on Dr Phil and More

Jan 17 - Biden Said That George Floyd Inspired More That MLK, New Migrant Caravan Coming and More

Jan 13 - Kamala Gets Cornered, Sinema Saves The Filibuster, Stacy Ditch Biden and More

Jan 10 - Bob Saget Was Boosted, Biden Ignoring The War In Kazakhstan, Moveing The COVID Goalpost Again and More

Jan 6 - Ted Cruz Gets Check By Tucker Carlson, Tim Pool "Convenient" Swatting, Jab Deaths and More

Jan 3 -Schumer Is attempting to Kill the Fillerbuster, Betty White's Boostered? and More

Dec 27 -Fauci Said He Refuse to Resign, CDC change The Rules Again, NASCAR Brandon Gets Sponsored and More

Dec 27 -Biden Admits Defeat On COVID, Shocking Info on HIPPA, The Goal Post Moves AGAIN, and More


Tea Time With Tree

Dec 23 - Tea Time w/ Tree - The Cuckservatives Hit A New Low ☕



Jan 19 - The Tree Show | Ghislaine Maxwell Agrees To Release Names of 8 "John Does" - Video Version

Dec 22 - THIS IS BAD! DemonRats & Biden Set a Trap For Trump and More- Video Version

Dec 15 - #015 - The Coward Actions of Rajaee Black Killing Pregnant Women and More - Video Version

Nov 10 - #010 - Kyle's Trial Update, Travis Scott Trying to Cover His Ass and More- Video Version

Nov 4 - #009 - Post Red Wave Coverage, LET'S GO BRANDON and More - Video Version

Oct 21 - #008 - Covering The Netflix Walkout, Brian Laundrie Found and More - Video Version

Oct 13 - #007 - Huge Update Between Pilots and Airlines, Lizzo Shames Herself and More - Video Version

Oct 6 - #006 - Why The Political Left Suffers From Rich Guilt By Pretending To Be Poor - Video Version


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June 13 - Epic Fights and Police Arrest pt 48

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