Blue Line Hero Award – August


Regardless of what the mainstream media tells you, most police officers are good people who are risking their lives every time they put on their uniform. Sure, there are some bad apples in the bunch but those bad apples consist of a small amount within the force. However, the media along with racist hate groups like black lives mater make that small percentage seem like the vast majority. This simply isn’t true and I know from personal experience because I was a police officer and I’ve known more good officers than bad.

Now that black lives matter and other ignorant black thugs are viciously killing innocent police officers and teaching the young black youth to do the same, I decided to show them my love and appreciation for what they do. So I created a monthly award called “The Blue Line Hero” award. This award is given to either a law enforcement officer or department going beyond the call of duty. This award will be given to an officer or law enforcement department monthly. This month’s winner is Officer Damon Cole of Fort Worth, Texas.

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