Blue Line Hero Award – November


Last month I did an entertaining video on the Portland Organ Police’s run in with the domestic terrorist group known as black lives matter. Due to the false accusations of black lives matter stating that all white police officers were specifically seeking out black men and women for the sole purposes of killing them, most white police officers have been handling members of black lives matter like fragile objects. This of course has frustrated law abiding citizens to no end. We were tired of seeing our beloved officers attacked, abused and even killed due to black lives matter racist and anti-police rhetoric. However, on October 12, 2016 our faith was restored when a video surfaced on youtube showing the Portland Oregon Police physically handling members of black lives matter during a protest at city hall. The video went viral on youtube and facebook plastering huge smiles of joy on viewer’s faces. The Portland Oregon Police showed other law enforcement officers nationwide how to handle this terrorist group and this action was approved and encouraged by the general public.

The Portland Police Bureau is the largest law enforcement agency in Oregon. The bureau, originally named the Portland Metropolitan Police Force, was established in 1870 by the Portland City Council.

It has approximately 1,000 full-time officers, up to 100 reserves, 50 cadets, and 300 civilian positions. The Portland Police Bureau provides numerous services to the citizens of Portland and the tri-county area. On October 12, 2016 Mayor Charlie Hales rewarded the Portland Police Bureau’s hard work by giving them a 9% raise.

Their mission statement is to reduce crime and the fear of crime by working with all citizens to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect property, and promote individual responsibility and community commitment.

October 12, 2016 will probably be a monumental moment that the Police Officers of Portland oregano will never forget. Not only did they get an opportunity to throw black lives matter out of the city hall building like the trash that they are, but they also received a 9% raise in the process. . And that’s why they are this month’s winner for the Blue Line Hero Award.




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